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Vitruvius and the Machine

Vitruvius and the Machine 2018, RMIT University Studio Leaders: Jack Mansfield-Hung & Sean Guy The discipline of architecture is defined by ideas that are passed on, copied and transformed to form an accepted history of cultural production. In a world where it is becoming increasingly harder to discern what is real and what is fake […]

Telepresent Assemblies

Telepresent Assemblies 2020, Monash University Studio Leader: Sean Guy Telepresent Assemblies is set against the backdrop of the fabrication revolutions driven by technological advancements we are currently seeing in our industry, and through these ideas students in the studio designed remotely over a series of different collaborative platforms. These revolutions are linked top Industry 4.0 […]


newOrder Design Studio 2018, University of Melbourne, Studio Air Studio Leader: Sean Guy NewOrder explores meaning in digital design and architecture. Algorithmic and digital design methodologies have reopened the boundaries of design to the intricate and detailed. The success of these techniques is too often dominated by the evaluation of geometries and aesthetics without acknowledgment […]

Augmented Assemblies

Augmented Assemblies Design Studio 2019, RMIT University, Bachelor of Architectural Design Lower Pool Studio Studio Leader: Sean Guy Featured student work by: Jarry Tan & Kun Dai, Michael Lui & Alfie Fu, David Ricardo Guerrero Torres, Luke Sevior & Yasmeen O’Brien Augmented Assemblies investigated the relationship between timber & woodworking craftsmanship and mixed reality construction […]

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