Revit Modelling for Beginners


Revit Modelling for Beginners

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    What is the course about?

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    This course will introduce viewers to Revit, the Building Information Modelling software widely used by Architects and Engineers to design, document and deliver accurate Architectural outcomes. We’ll cover the full suite of Architectural modelling tools required to accurately model buildings by developing a small architectural folly. We’ll also cover fundamental concepts unique to Revit’s model management and interface which are critical in developing your skills beyond a beginner understanding

    What will you learn in each video?

    An overview of the Revit interface and how to navigate it.

    Learn the difference between types and instances and understand how to use Revit’s view system

    Explore the modify commands through a series of examples which you’re likely to experience when using Revit

    How to model walls in Revit.

    Explore Datum elements and use them to place and control Windows and Doors

    Learn how to model Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, and explore the tools unique to each of these commands.

    Learn how to insert families into your project and place structural columns and other family components.

    Edit stair families and adjust stair parameters to change the dimensions of each step. Model railings and host to elements

    Understand the difference between walls and curtain walls and create a large glazed window

    Understand the difference between walls and curtain walls and create a large glazed window

    Learn how to use materials in Revit and create a new material with both render and graphic properties.

    Explore the general view tools and create new plan, elevation and section views to communicate your design from different vantage points.

    What are the learning objectives for the course?

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