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Create Architectural Concept Diagrams

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    In this course we will be examining a Rhino to Illustrator workflow to help us create architectural concept diagrams in an urban context. This is a follow up course from our ‘Create Site Analysis Diagrams’ course on The Different, which we recommend completing prior to beginning this course.

    We will be using the diagrams created in this previous course to inform our own design ‘moves’ for a proposal for a new tower north of the Melbourne CBD. This is a great course for Illustrator beginners who want to learn to practice creating professional urban concept diagrams.

    What will you learn in each video?

    This lesson will examine the diagrams of architect Bjarke Ingels, who has popularised the common urban massing diagrams that are frequently used in architectural pitches and competitions all around the world today.

    Before starting any technical workflow to draw our concept diagrams, it is always recommended to sketch and plan out your concept. In this lesson, we will use a collection of site analysis diagrams to inform our concept.

    This lesson will explore how to model your concept sketches in Rhino in order to transfer them into a similar style to BIG architects.

    Once the diagrams are modelled in Rhino, the next step is to take them into Illustrator to stylize them. This lesson will explore a simple workflow to setup your diagrams in Rhino for export into Illustrator. Once in Illustrator, we can use our preset layers to easily adjust lineweights and fills in our diagram.

    Once our first diagram is complete, it is easy to apply this workflow to the remaining planned diagrams.

    What are the learning objectives for the course?

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