Create 2D & 3D Urban Models


Create 2d & 3D Urban Models

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    What is the course about?

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    In this course we will examine how to quickly build 2D & 3D Urban CAD Models in Rhino. This is a great tutorial if you’re looking to create an urban plan for any architectural project, anywhere in the world. We will examine two workflows to bring in data from a database called Open Street Map.

    In this course, we will cover the an introduction to Open Street Map, examine how to import 2D CAD files from OSM into Rhino, run through how to install Elk for Grasshopper, and then use Elk to import 3D CAD files from Open Street Map.

    What will you learn in each video?

    This lesson will give a broad overview to Open Street Map, what it is and how we can use its data to display certain types of information.

    We can extract 2D CAD data directly from Open Street Map and prepare it for an import to Rhino, saving us enormous amounts of time in collecting context data for our site & drawings.

    These is another more accurate way to import data from OSM into Rhino by using the Elk plugin for Grasshopper. We will examine the installation process for this plugin.

    Once we have Elk installed, we can use Grasshopper to quickly extract categorized 2D cad data, and in some cases 3D buildings of any site in the world.

    What are the learning objectives for the course?

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