Applying Flocking Algorithms

Applying Flocking Algorithms

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    What is the course about?

    In this course we’re going to be taking a look at applying the flocking algorithms explored in the Fields & Flocking Algorithms course to a project.

    We will begin this tutorial by examining Isosurfaces using the Chromodoris plugin for Grasshopper to create a base geometry for us to work from.

    We will then try to create a simplified version of what is commonly known as an ‘Agent Body’ algorithm to create an intricate lattice structure over the top of our isosurface forms. The Agent Body algorithm will use our flocking behaviours to generate patterns on our form.

    What will you learn in each video?

    Isosurfacing is an algorithmic concept that creates mesh surfaces from field data, and is commonly used to generate gyroid patterns. In this lesson we will examine how to create complex isosurfaces in Grasshopper using the Chromodoris plugin.

    In this lesson we will explore the beginnings of what is known as an Agent Body algorithm in Grasshopper. Agent bodies could be thought of as pieces of geometry that are embedded with self-organizing behavioural logics (such as flocking behaviours separation, cohesion and alignment) that can be used for problem solving.

    In this lesson we will apply a simple alignment force field to an Agent Body algorithm in Grasshopper to create a uniform orientation throughout a collection of lattice objects on our isosurfaced base mesh.

    In this lesson we will apply behaviours from flocking algorithms to create the basis for our Agent Body algorithm to create an interconnected intricate lattice structure on top of the isosurfaced base form.

    In this lesson we will examine the application of extra force field behaviours in combination with flocking behaviours to create variation and pattern in an intricate Agent Body structural lattice system in Grasshopper.

    What are the learning objectives for the course?

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