Anemone Mesh Subdivision

Anemone Mesh Subdivision

Grasshopper Course

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    What is the course about?

    In this course we will examine on of Grasshopper’s most popular plugins: the Anemone plugin. Anemone allows us to loop data from our Grasshopper algorithms to create our own manual simulations. We can loop all kinds of data inside Grasshopper, making it an incredibly powerful tool.

    We will apply looping in an Anemone to a technique called subdivision. Subdivision is the process of dividing a geometry iteratively into smaller sections and can lead to the creation of intricate and detailed geometrical outcomes. We will look at both curve and mesh subdivision in this course.

    The course will culminate in a precedent study in which we recreate Michael Hansmeyer’s Subdivided Column project using the methods we have explored in the course.

    What will you learn in each video?

    In this lesson we will use the Pufferfish plugin for Grasshopper to create complex forms that will form the basis for our subdivision experiments later in the course. We will be exploring the Mesh Mirror Cut tool in Pufferfish specifically, and using it recursively to create complex mesh geometric forms.

    Subdivision can be a complex technique to put in practice, so this lesson will look at the fundamentals of subdivision with 2D curves. Beginning with a simple triangle, we will examine how we can manipulate a simple geometry to create 3 smaller triangles in Grasshopper, then iteratively divide the smaller triangles into 3 to create complex 2D patterns.

    This lesson will introduce the Anemone plugin and re-build out subdividing 2D curves as an automated loop. Anemone will give us the power to quickly control the number of iterations in our subdivision, start and stop at any time and control the patterns in our outcomes.

    Michael Hansmeyer’s Subdivided Columns uses subdivision of mesh geometries to create intricate and detailed column geometries. In this lesson we will examine the rules required to subdivide mesh geometries to re-create the aesthetic of Hansmeyer’s work.

    This lesson will examine how to automate our subdivided mesh approach using the looping tools available in the Anemone plugin for Grasshopper.

    What are the learning objectives for the course?

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