Add Architectural Detail in Rhino


Add Architectural Detail to your Rhino Model

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    What is the course about?

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    This course is a sequel to our ‘Rhino modelling for architects’ course on The Different Design. We recommend you complete the previous course prior to beginning this one.

    In this course we will continue with our model of the Neunationalgalerie by architect Mies Van der Rohe, and will begin to model extra detail, materially and lighting to create a more realistic architectural scene.

    What will you learn in each video?

    This lesson will explore how to model stairs and balustrades in Rhino on our model of the Neue Nationalgalerie.

    To make our architectural model more realistic, its important to add greater modelling detail. This lesson will explore how we might add the revolving door entrances, interior staircases, marble shafts and timber partition walls to our model of the Neue Nationalgalerie. We will also explore resource libraries we can use to download free assets such as people, furniture, vegetation and cars and import into our 3D model.

    To make objects in our 3D model more realistic, we can apply materials onto their front faces. This lesson will explore how to setup basic materials in Rhino & correctly scale & map them onto each object.

    The Rhino sun can be used to simulate shadows and lighting conditions in our scene. This lesson will examine ways to setup and customize the sun.

    In Rhino, we can save views in our 3D model that we want to come back or refer to. This lesson will explore the NamedViews settings panel to create saved views for design presentations.

    Once we have a view we are happy with, we can export this as an image from Rhino. This lesson will explain a workflow to customize your image exports from your Rhino viewport.

    This lesson will explain how to use clipping planes to setup views & export images of simple plans and sections.

    This lesson will introduce the Make2D command in Rhino, which lets you create line drawings of your 3D object from a specific view.

    Rhino Aliases let you customize the way you use commands in Rhino. This lesson will demonstrate how to setup customized aliases that suit your own way of 3D modelling in Rhino.

    What are the learning objectives for the course?

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